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All India Children Care and Educational Development Society (AICCEDS) Azamgarh is a charitable society registered under the society act 1860 on 7th July 1977. The society is concentrating Education, Health Care and Community Development Programme. In our 38 years of experience in the midst of rural people we have felt that it is only the people who can think for their own development and they should be empowered with free choice making capacity to resolve their own issues. As a result of which we are in process of changing our whole strategy, which is geared to the people rather than projects.


Ayush Medical College: with excellent OPD at maha mrityunjay hospital

We surely look forward to broaden our horizon in the field of Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicine and hence we'd very soon be opening an ayush medical college to promote our ancient practices of Ayurveda, while being in constant touch to the modern techniques.


While the campus is located on the national highway and everything is easily accessible, we do understand sometimes students may need to run some important errands and hence we'd start a supermarket, within the campus, so that students don't need to wait to go out and shop necessities.


The college would soon tie up with a very famous chain of restaurants to provide students with delicacies and a place to unwind after a long day, on the campus itself.


being physically fit is often related to a healthy mind and we at DCA believe in overall development of our students, we'd introduce a gymnasium on the campus shortly, so it’s more convenient to students to work out at their preferable hour.


to cater to the needs of the faculty and students for a place to celebrate special occasions we're working on building a clubhouse, which could serve the purpose of both, a place to celebrate special occasions, as well as to cater to delicates that come visit the campus.

Bank branch

to make atms and banks more accessible to students, we'd shortly start a bank branch within our campus.

Badminton court and cricket stadium

life, once you join medical sciences can be a little monotonous and repetitive and the key is to stay motivated throughout and the better way to go about it certainly is to get a good distraction time and again, sports do play a crucial role to that and hence, we'd shortly be finished with building a badmitinton court as well as cricket stadium, as our college has always bought many achievements home in the field of sports.